Mission and Vision

Adventist Health International (AHI) is a management organization committed to partnering with health care services in developing countries. 

Based at Loma Linda University in California, it utilizes the health care understanding, strength, and commitment of the Seventh-day Adventist church to mobilize expertise, personnel, and other resources to promote quality health for all. 

Please take a look at our involvement in global health and see how you can help. 


President's 2015 note

As we embark on new strategies for 2015, we also look back at the incredible year of 2014.  The Ebola crisis in west Africa defined the last half of the year.  Two AHI hospitals - Cooper Adventist Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia, and Waterloo Hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone, were in the eye of the storm.  Both of these facilities felt the full impact of the epidemic, losing several staff members to the infection while bravely caring for many.  Despite the challenges and ever-present threat of danger, our staff devised ways to remain open while other hospitals closed, providing care for many medical emergencies other than Ebola.  Today, Lucinda Carter, our administrator, and Gillian Seton, our young surgeon at Cooper Hospital, carry on with assistance by visiting doctors provided through AHI.  Waterloo Hospital in Freetown has been commandeered by the government to use as an Ebola Triage Center until the epidemic is over.  Thank you to all who donated to this special need, which has enabled AHI to provide critical supplies and keep the operations going during a time when the economies were shut down and no one could pay bills.

Another story that has matured through 2014 is our strategy to develop a new model of health care in Africa. Most of our young national doctors prefer to remain in the cities, while our hospitals are in the rural areas.  The result is that they find work with other organizations, while we need to recruit doctors from abroad to staff the hospitals.  To compensate for this reality, we are developing a multispecialty practice in Lusaka, Zambia, as a new model for providing Adventist health care in a country.  Christy Elliott, a physical therapy graduate from Loma Linda, left nearly $450,000 in his will for a special mission project.  With support from Loma Linda University, these funds have been committed to developing this new Lusaka Adventist Medical Center in the Chalala suburb of Lusaka.  

In addition to these major projects, AHI continues to relate to our growing number of hospitals throughout the world.  Dale Mole has arrived at Scheer Memorial Hospital in Nepal, giving us an anchor to start working with that institution.  Major developments are underway in Haiti with remodels of the operating theaters and clinical laboratory underway.  Progress has continued on the new patient tower in Trinidad, and a new five-chair dental clinical was opened in Guyana.  Our residency programs continue to grow at Malamulo, and both Bere and Moundou are thriving in Tchad.  

As you will see in this Annual Report, our giving this year hit a new high, over $2.3 million.  This enables so much to happen around the world.  With this encouragement, AHI has activated in Zimbabwe, Nepal, and Nicaragua, as well as continuing to plan in several other countries. AHI is a completely donor-driven organization, one in which we receive your donations, then seek to leverage them to the maximum throughout our system or in whatever project you have selected.  Hundreds of employees and volunteers are engaged, and literally thousands of patients are alive and healthy today because of what you make possible.  On behalf of each of them, we are deeply indebted to your interest and support of AHI.

Sincerely yours,




Richard H. Hart, MD, DrPH, President

Adventist Health International