Waterloo Hospital

Waterloo Adventist Hospital



Next door to Liberia we faced similar issues at Waterloo Hospital near Freetown. Minimally staffed to begin with, Waterloo took on the challenge of caring for whoever came to their door.  When some of our staff workers became infected with Ebola, the hospital had to close and quarantine its staff. The government then asked to convert our hospital into a triage station for Ebola patients. They provided some capital assistance, but it was soon evident that our staff would need to continue to anchor the hospital, which they did and are continuing to do. While the epidemic is slower to resolve here than in Liberia, it is gradually improving and our staff are preparing to once again operate as a private hospital in a post epidemic country. 



 The hospital is owned by Seventh Day Adventist Church It is popularly called ADRA Hospital.

  • Human Resource:  The staff of the hospital which includes both full and part time workers totaled 26. Apart from nationals the hospital always has periodic international medical personnel. 
  • Scope of Service: The hospital renders:
    • 24 HRS Medical and Surgical Services: Out-patient clinic (Sundays to Fridays) In-patients (Anytime), Emergency (Always available).
    • Ambulance Services: Reach us through the hospital’s cell phone number above.
    • Rural Medical Evangelism Outreach (RMEO): Reaching out to the unreached people and providing health to all the unentered areas.
    • Mini-Mart: Canteen services, cold drinks, cold water and other refreshment at affordable prices.
    • Laboratory Services: Basic Lab available now and plan for intensive lab on the way.
    • X-Ray Services: Not yet available but pursuing the plan vigorously.
    • Nurse Aide Training Center: The hospital also trains Nurse Aide.
    • Clinical Ministry: Chaplaincy department and spiritual support.
    • Lifestyle Medicine Center: Health Education hydrotherapy, how to stop smoking, alcohol anonymous, NEWSTART acronyms, how to lose weight and maintain healthy weight, and to have and maintain quality healthy life.
    • Outpatients monthly analysis report.
    • Financial monthly analysis report
    • Radio Programme: (Adventist Hour) reaching out to the communities, promoting health & Adventist Message.
    • Sabbath School Branch: Benefit to patients and workers in spreading God’s message.